Afra Salman Al Suwaidi is a visual artist whose practice is anchored in sculpture. Afra works mainly in plaster investigating conceptual threads through lengthy and painstaking processes. Whether figurative or abstract, her work often evokes sentiments of isolation. Working with fluid mediums allows her to dissect the anatomy of time by watching objects take form and shape through the process of hardening. She is captivated by the nature of plaster which embodies the dialogue of adding and subtracting and giving and taking. Essentially, her study questions the human condition in its actions and reactions. These thoughts she seeks, expose and unravel and sometimes bury and hide. Through the notion of physical separation and connectivity, Afra questions how proximity and c
loseness can make you feel safe or unsafe and what is solid from what is not.

Currently Afra is an Artist in Residence at The Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi.

Click here to view her artworks that were part of our inaugural sale.